Sweet 16 Episode 1 – Masai

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The first in a series of awesome things like this. Watch the video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrH-Xh5nTt0&feature=youtu.be

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/sweet_16_episode_1_-_masai.mp3

We teamed up with the Sub-Bombin homies on this one to make a fun remix. Devin B raps. elsphinx raps. Dood Computer beats.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/devin_b_-_paperweight_ft_elsphinx_(dood_computer_remix).mp3

Dez & Nobs – “Arm Legga Legga”

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Holy shit. We kinda thought this song was gone forever. What we have here is a track that didn’t quite make the cut for Dez & Nobs’ critically acclaimed 2006 debut, “Behemoth”. Holy flashback.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/dez_&_nobs_-_arm_legga_legga.mp3

Dan and Mitch talk about nothing and everything at the same time. Blaine did the art for this one.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/giant_gorilla_dog_thing_on_the_capital_coup_110212.mp3

Johnny Questionmark Promo

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Our friend Johnny Questionmark is making a new album. Help him the fuck out.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/johnny_questionmark_promo.mp3

Katz and Lobo discuss ’92 Renault Music one last time before it’s release.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/pj_katz_on_the_capital_coup_101212.mp3

Rawthreat is a dickhead.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/giant_gorilla_dog_thing_-_tom_brady_rawthreat_asswhole_remix.mp3

PJ Katz on the Capital Coup – 9/7/12

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PJ Katz chatting it up with Lobo about his upcoming album… with a couple sexy sneak peeks thrown in the mix.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/pj_katz_on_the_capital_coup_090712.mp3

This one’s for the producers. We stumbled across this one while tidying up an old hard drive… could have sworn it was long gone. Regardless, remix it if you’re bored. Tempo is 88 bpms (you’re welcome). If you want to reference the original, you can check it out here. If you make something that doesn’t suck, send it to us.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/teen_heart_throbs_-_douchebags_accapella.mp3

Legitimately adorable.

Direct Link – http://pod.pigfoodrecords.com/audio/vinylcologist_-_gay_guys_dont_thrive.mp3