elsphinx & Grizzly Grimace freestyle their dicks off with JB!!

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A dose of new sexiness from Grizzly Grimace. Produced by Critical Beatz.

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Benn Grim was working on a project a few years ago, but ended up scrapping everything for it. What’s better than pizza scraps?

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This doesn’t really have too much to do with us, but it’s a good listen. Masai and Lobo break down the best Albany hip-hop releases of 2013 thus far, in roughly chronological order. Sev Statik & PJ Katz’s “Sophy” is one of them. “The Nothing” is another. Grizzly Grimace calls in and talks some shit at some point. It doesn’t suck.

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Our good friend and fellow Albanian, Kwamizzle, makes one of the Ear Food Volume 1 instrumentals his own.

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PJ Katz talks to T. Wheels about how awesome Ear Food Vol. 1 is, and why.

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Dez talks about everything in the entire universe with his faithful sidekick, KC.

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